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You can’t just dig anywhere, without first obtaining permission from local Government bodies. ClickTree has fertile land spread across 36,000 m2 in the Cola region of Goa.

Types of Trees

You need to plant trees which are native to your locality - a tree whose light, soil, height requirements and overall appearance match your chosen location.
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Time of the year

The best season for planting trees depends on the type of trees you want to plant. But for most species of trees, planting is carried out during the monsoon season.

Selecting saplings

The shape and size of a sapling at maturity should be taken into consideration. For example, the growth of a mature tree may reach overhead power lines. Generally, a sapling size of 3-5 ft ensures highest possible rate of survival.

Digging a hole

You need to dig a hole that is 4-5 times the width of the root ball, so that there is adequate space for the roots to grow without stress. You also need to keep a track of the depth of the hole to make sure it is neither too deep nor too shallow.

Caretaking and Nurturing

Trees need 2-3 inches of water per week to remain healthy. The Synapse Foundation has a professional caretaker to look after the newly planted trees. We always use organic manure and NOT chemical fertilizers – which are known to overboost the trees and make them “burn out.”


You need to ensure the stakes you use are loosely tied to the trunk and do not dig in to the bark or tighten around the tree. Staking protects the tree against blowing over in the wind and can also prevent people or animals from running into the tree.